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Introducing the 1972 Ford Econoline Van Enamel Pin from Texas Chain Saw Massacre, an evocative homage to a cinematic legend meticulously crafted by Hellraiser Designs. This enamel pin, available through Nerd Alert, is a must-have for fans of the film, horror aficionados, and collectors who appreciate the art of storytelling.


Step into the haunting world of Texas Chain Saw Massacre with this meticulously designed enamel pin. The pin showcases the iconic 1972 Ford Econoline Van, a crucial part of the film's chilling narrative. With intricate detailing, the pin encapsulates the essence of the van that played a pivotal role in the film's atmosphere, allowing you to carry a piece of the movie's terror wherever you go.


More than a mere accessory, this enamel pin is a wearable masterpiece. Constructed from premium materials, it ensures both style and durability. Whether pinned to your clothing, added to your backpack, or displayed on a pin board, this pin is destined to initiate conversations and evoke vivid memories of Texas Chain Saw Massacre.


Embrace the terror of Texas Chain Saw Massacre with the 1972 Ford Econoline Van Enamel Pin, available through Nerd Alert. Capture the essence of the film – order now and keep the horror alive in style!


Colors and outlines may deviate slightly on finished product.

Limited Edition.

Each pin is 43mm, hard enamel of black nickel metal, 6 colors with glow-in-the-dark and blacklight reactive inks with rubber backers.

Texas Chain Saw Massacre - 1972 Ford Econoline Van Enamel Pin

SKU: HD0007
$14.99 Regular Price
$12.99Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
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