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Night Swim Movie Review - Unraveling the Terror: A Deep Dive Into A Spine-Chilling Thriller

Night Swim Poster

Night Swim is a spine-chilling horror film that plunges viewers into the depths of terror with its gripping narrative and haunting performances. Written and directed by Bryce McGuire, with additional writing by Rod Blackhurst, this film explores the eerie intersection of family drama and supernatural horror. My first thought was this reminded me of the 80s classic horror films House and Poltergeist, which of course I relished.

Mr. and Mrs. Waller looking at their new pool

Wyatt Russell delivers a great performance as Ray Waller, a former major league baseball player grappling with a degenerative illness and the emotional turmoil of early retirement. His portrayal of Ray's vulnerability and determination adds a poignant layer to the film, making his confrontation with the malevolent force all the more compelling.

Kerry Condon shines as Ray's supportive yet increasingly terrified wife, capturing the essence of a woman caught between protecting her family and facing an unimaginable evil. The dynamic between Russell and Condon is authentic and heartfelt, grounding the supernatural elements in a relatable family struggle.

Mrs. Waller sees a ghost in the pool

Amelie Hoeferle and Gavin Warren, playing the Waller children, bring a mix of innocence and bravery to their roles, heightening the tension as the sinister force targets their family. Their performances are both endearing and harrowing, adding depth to the story's emotional stakes.

The supporting cast, including Jodi Long and Nancy Lenehan, contributes to the film's atmospheric dread, each character adding to the mounting sense of unease. Director Bryce McGuire masterfully builds suspense, using the seemingly serene backyard swimming pool as a focal point for the unfolding horror.

Ghost in the pool

Night Swim excels in its use of setting and sound design to create a palpable sense of fear. The film's pacing is meticulous, gradually revealing the dark secrets hidden beneath the surface of the Waller family's new home. The pool, once a symbol of leisure, transforms into a source of terror, amplifying the film's psychological impact. And to be honest, my biggest hesitation in watching this flick when it first came out was the idea of a haunted or possessed pool. The backstory they give provides a fantastic impetus to the poltergeists, but also offers a new twist on old tropes. It was refreshing and frankly a believable reason for the whole basis of the story.

Mr. Waller survives almost drowning

Overall, Night Swim is a compelling horror film that combines strong performances, a well-crafted narrative, and atmospheric direction. It offers a fresh take on the haunted house genre, with a unique aquatic twist that will leave audiences gripping their seats and reconsidering late-night swims. Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this movie.

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