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Pokémon and K-Pop Sensation ENHYPEN Unite for a Musical Collaboration

Pokémon, the major player in both anime and video game worlds, is venturing into the realm of music with a brand-new collaboration. The Pokémon Company has announced a partnership with the renowned K-Pop boy band, ENHYPEN, for an initiative titled the "Pokémon Music Collective"​.

Photo: The Pokemon Company & Enhypen
The Pokemon Company & Enhypen

The "Pokémon Music Collective" is a platform where famous artists can create and release music inspired by the unique sounds of the Pokémon universe. It seeks to blend the world of Pokémon with the diverse genres of the music industry, offering fans an exciting new way to enjoy their favorite franchise​.

ENHYPEN, the boy band created by BELIFT LAB, has made a name for itself since its debut in November 2020. The band consists of seven members - JUNGWON, HEESEUNG, JAY, JAKE, SUNGHOON, SUNOO, and NI-KI. They have quickly gained global recognition with their authentic music and performances, which led to two "Million-Seller" albums within the shortest period (since debut) in K-pop history​.

ENHYPEN's participation in the Pokémon Music Collective project marks their second time being featured, following a successful inaugural collaboration. The band members Ni-ki, Jay, and Jungwon recently revealed during a live session that they have recorded a song and filmed a music video for the Pokémon project. This venture is described as a happy, cute, fun, and fresh project that will showcase a new side of ENHYPEN​.

The new single titled "One And Only" is set to be released on July 12th. Fans can look forward to a teaser on July 5th on their YouTube channel, with the full song and music video being unveiled a week later. The track draws its inspiration from the sounds of the Pokémon series, promising a delightful and uplifting experience for listeners​.

Pokémon and K-Pop Sensation ENHYPEN announcement of this collaboration has been met with great enthusiasm from fans worldwide. ENHYPEN's dedicated fanbase, known as Engenes, has been expressing their excitement and showcasing their creativity by linking their favorite ENHYPEN members to various Pokémon characters on social media platforms​.

With previous successful collaborations like "Tayo, Billy Poco, Baby Shark," ENHYPEN continues to expand its reach to a wider audience, including younger fans who appreciate family-friendly content. This collaboration with Pokémon is expected to further solidify ENHYPEN's popularity and showcase their versatility as artists​.

Despite extensive research, specific details about the Pokémon Music Collective initiative remain elusive. It seems that the initiative is still in its early stages, and we can expect more information to be released in the future.


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