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Throwback Thursday Trailers - Prometheus

Updated: Jan 19

I love movies. I love seeing movies in the theater. I'm also that uber nerd that needs to be in my seat early so I can see all the trailers for the upcoming releases. There are some incredible previews that turn into fantastic films. There are also amazing trailers that turn out to be pretty pathetic movies. In this Throwback Thursday, I wanted to look back at some of my favorite trailers, no matter the final result of the film.

I saw Prometheus during a press screening in 2012. I have hated that movie since the moment it ended. I have tried to rewatch it in hopes of finding some sort of redemption. Nope. Not possible.

If you've paid attention to my time with Nerdlocker or Nerd Alert, you may have thought my banter with Brandon over this film was purely for entertainment. I will grant you that a lot of times I do perform for the camera, but my hatred of Prometheus is real. Worse yet, I just don't understand how so many people do like it.

Anywho, when the trailer was released, I poured over it looking for all sorts of details because it was truly amazing. I was so excited to revisit the world of Alien, with the creator back at the helm. Sure, they tried to deflect the idea that this was related to Alien, but we all knew. We knew.

Anywho, check the trailer out and let me know what you think.

Also, check out my favorite retort video that totally supports my opinion of the film. Special thanks to the team at Red Letter Media.

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