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Ahsoka season 1 episode 4 recap — who returns to the Star Wars universe in "Fallen Jedi?"

Updated: Nov 30, 2023


This recap of the Disney + series Star Wars: Ahsoka Season 1 Episode 4, “Fallen Jedi,” contains spoilers.

Ahsoka's fourth episode, "Fallen Jedi," continues to bring epic cinematic visuals to the small screen in an exciting episode with a jaw-dropping cameo. Trust me, it's a stunner. It is also worth mentioning that the intro title is now outlined in yellow.

Star Wars: Ahsoka Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

What does Ahsoka tell Wren?

The episode opens with Huyang trying to repair Ahsoka's ship. However, when Wren goes out to find Ahsoka, she looks into the red forest. She wants to have a serious conversation with her young apprentice.

It may be worth stopping Baylan, Lady Morgan, and Shin from finding Thrawn, which means Ezra would not come home. Why? Because the thought of Thrawn returning to power is the worst alternative that outweighs personal feelings for Ezra.

Ahsoka asks her, "Can I trust you?" Wren replies, "You know you can." Wren enters the vehicle, and Huyang comes out to continue repairs. Before Ahsoka climbs onto the ship, she tells Huyang to be careful. That's when we see one of Baylan's men standing nearby.

Where does General Heda plan on going?

General Hera forms a team to go and rescue Ahsoka, Wren, and Huyang in the Denang system. After Ahsoka and Wren rescue Huyang from Baylan's ambush, they head off to take the fight to them.

That's when we see General Hera and her son climb onto a ship. In an example of the worst mother of the year, Hera forms a team to go and rescue Ahsoka and her team. However, she brings her son on this dangerous mission, which is puzzling.

Who does Ahsoka kill?

Ahsoka, in a stunning display, manages to kill Marrok. Wren and Ahsoka are cut off in the red forest by Shin and Marrok, who know they are on their way to stop Baylan and Morgan from utilizing the star map.

Wren pulls her blaster and chases Shin while Ahsoka and Marrok draw their custom lightsabers. Shin eventually gets the upper hand on Wren (what else is new) and throws her against a tree, causing her to drop her blaster. They both then engage in a lightsaber battle.

Meanwhile, Ahsoka and Marrok are putting on a wicked display behind them. Marrok pulls out the Third Sister, the coolest lightsaber I've ever seen. Marrok thinks he has the upper hand on Ahsoka, sending the Third Sister into a 360-spin like a propeller while they hold the center handle.

However, Ahsoka picks up her battle, patiently waiting and staring at the dreadful-looking weapon. Then, with one swing, she moves out of the way, and Marrok falls to their knees — he has a giant gash on the right side of his torso.

What leaves Marrok's body?

Marrok then screams, and a green gas leaves his body. Marrok falls over, appearing to be dead. Wren and Shin look over, shocked. Wren tells Ahsoka to go, and Shin tells Wren she will regret that decision.

What does Ahsoka order Wren to do to the star map?

After Baylan has Ahsoka pinned at the cliff's edge, she tells her protege to destroy the star map. Wren hesitates, knowing that if she does, there isn't a way to locate Ezra. Wren orders Baylan to drop his lightsaber but forces Ahsoka over the edge instead.

Baylan then attempts to manipulate Sabine into not destroying the map at first. He plays into her memories of losing her mother and Ezra being her only family left. Baylan invites Sabine to go along with him. Incredibly, she gives up the map. Then, Shin uses the Force to choke her from behind, but Baylan orders her to release her.

They again start the upload with the map, and when the coordinates are complete, Baylan destroys the map. Baylan, Shin, and Wren head to the Ring, where Hera and the six X-wings are now positioned.

Unfortunately, as Hera engages, the Ring goes into hyperdrive, killing two of Hera’s group (I mean, what did she think was going to happen?).

Ahsoka Season 1 Episode 4 Ending Explained

Who returns to the Star Wars universe in "Fallen Jedi?"

Anakin Skywalker, with Hayden Christensen reprising the role, tells Ahsoka, "I didn't think I'd be seeing you this soon.“ Initially, we may be seeing Ahsoka floating in the water, but she appears to be in some place between time and space. 

She wakes up on a bridge of some kind and hears her master's voice. She turns around and sees Anakin behind her. Of course, this raises the question we all ask ourselves: Is Ahsoka Dead?

Does "Fallen Jedi" have a post-credits scene?

No, the Ahsoka episode "Fallen Jedi" does not have a mid or post-credits scene.

Grade: 8/10 "The episode "Fallen Jedi" continues to bring epic cinematic visuals to the small screen in an exciting episode with a jaw-dropping cameo."

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