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The Wheel of Time, Season 2, Episode 6 Recap — what does Maigan say at the end of the episode?

Updated: Nov 30, 2023


This recap of the Prime Video series The Wheel of Time Season 2 Episode 6, “Eyes Without Pity,” contains spoilers.

The Wheel of Time episode, "Eyes Without Pity," is another stunning episode that puts Egwene and Rand at the forefront. The love of Rand's life is now training to be one of High Lady Suroth Seanchan's women after being gifted to High Lord Turak.

On the other hand, Rand is about to learn why love hurts. He's stuck in a dream in an unknown location of Tel'Aran'Rhiod with Lanfear, AKA "The Daughter of the Night," AKA "Selene," or whatever she wants to call herself these days.

Rand attempts to manipulate Lanfear into telling him where Ishamael is and what he's planning. She's intrigued by this, but only under one condition. That's why Rand may never talk to Moiraine again, or she will kill her.

Rand wakes up and then walks from Moiraine back to Logain.

The Wheel of Time Season 2 Episode 6 recap

What is a "Damane"?

"Damane" means "leashed one," and she cannot pick up anything she thinks is a weapon. Gwen learns this the hard way when she tries to pick up a pitcher of water to bounce off her trainer Renna's head. At least, not as long as she wears the "ad'am."

What is an ad'am? Fandom describes it as something that "defines the social status of female channellers in the Seanchan Empire; the leashed woman is called a Damane (leashed one), and the woman who holds the bracelet is a sul'dam (leash holder)."

It appears that Renna is Gwen's sul'dam, her leash holder. Every time Gwen picks up the pitcher, she sees herself smashing her sul'dam over the head with it. Consequently, Gwen is physically punished for the thought. She's told she must be able to control these impulses.

What does Ishamael ask Min to do?

Visiting Min while she tries to sleep, Ishamael asks Min to do just one thing: ensure Mat leaves with Rand. As the Dark One explains it, a dragon has been living near her in Cairhien, and she's even met Rand from time to time.

If she does this small favor for Ishamael, he will lift the curse on her, and Min will be free of it forever. When Min asks what if she refuses, Ishamael gives her a sinister smile and vanishes. This brings us back to episode 2 when Min saw Mat kill Rand.

Min does the right thing, telling Mat about her vision, and he does not accompany Mat to Falme. Instead, Mat chooses to stay behind in Cairhien.

Who does Lanfear kill?

While Liandrin visits her eldering and dying son, Lanfear appears and kills him. Why? Well, for one, Liandrin is not living up to her pledge to the "dark" which is not only to Ishamael. That means she shouldn't be keeping her son alive but ending his life.

So, while turned away, Lanfear takes away his last breath. Now Liandrin can be the woman she was before having her son, and all her energy has gone to caring for him.

What does Lin want to tell Siuan?

Lin wants to tell Siuan Sanche — who is an Aes Sedai and serves as the current Amyrlin Seat — a secret. That being that, Moiraine found the Dragon Reborn, which is Rand, and has been hiding him in Cailrhien so he can train with Logain.

This causes a big Aes Sedai party, headlined by Siuan Sanche, who we also have not seen since last season, to pay a visit to Moiraine. However, we don't know the result of the visit since the episode ends before we can find out.

Who is Gwen talking to from the other side of the wall?

In a Wheel of Time shocker, Egwene, it's revealed the woman she has been talking to in the next-door cell is none other than Maigan, who we have not seen since season 1, episode 6! Ryma and Basan hinted at this at the end of the last episode.

The last time we saw Maigan, she was trying to assert her authority and asking Moiraine to remain in the White Tower. Now, the once-proud woman looks troubled, weathered, and stressed.

Later, Nynaeve and Elayne convince Ryma, an Aes Sedai herself, to help free Egwene. As they sneak into the facility and attempt to free Egwene from her collar, several Seanchans enter. Ryma attempts to sacrifice herself to save the girls.

However, Basan is killed, and Ryma is killed in the process. Eventually, Egwene's sul'dam makes her pour the water without thinking of attacking her. This means that she has broken Egwene.

The Wheel of Time Season 2 Episode 6 Ending Explained

What does Maigan say at the end of the episode?

Maigan whispers to herself, after hearing Gwen break and scream, "You lasted longer than I did, child, and I was a Sitter of the Blue Ajah."

Grade: "This is another strong episode for the resurgence of The Wheel of Time, highlighted by the stirring and emotionally charged turn by Madeleine Madden." 8/10

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