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Top Artists of Amazing Comic Con Las Vegas 2023

Welcome, true believers and avid comic enthusiasts, to our definitive list of the Top Artists of Amazing Comic Con Las Vegas 2023! This star-studded event saw the convergence of the most talented and innovative comic book artists from around the world, bringing their unique styles and creative visions to the heart of the entertainment capital. As we dive into this mesmerizing world of ink and imagination, we'll explore the prodigious talents and exceptional artwork that left fans awe-struck at this year's convention.

So, without further ado, let's embark on this thrilling journey through the hallowed halls of Amazing Comic Con Las Vegas 2023, as we reveal the Top Artists who left a lasting impression on NerdAlertKyle this year!

Kehasuk work made me want to empty my bank account to get all these amazing pieces in my home. Kehasuk combines all the elements and styles that I love in one design ranging from Pokemon to Naruto. The skill of Kehasuk designs and prints had our jaws on the floor as I walked up to the booth. I can't wait to see more from Kehasuk and I look forward to the Demon Slayer design that was stated to be on the way!

Elusive Art does a truly amazing job of combining different characters uniquely, leaving me speechless as I checked out all of the art pieces on display! My favorite design personally was is the combo of Eevee (The Pokemon) with Chopper (from One Piece) [featured above]. I can't wait to see more in this series from Elusive Art!

Sam Kressin takes art to a level that I had not seen before. Combining his pieces with glow-in-the-dark and blacklight pieces that stood out among the crowd. With each piece, Sam showed I was more and more blown away by his talent. We look forward to bringing you a full interview with Sam soon, but for now, make sure to follow him on Instagram to preview all his amazing pieces. Stop by his booth if you ever see him at a con near you! These were just a few of my favorite artists from this year's Amazing Comic Con Las Vegas and look forward to watching these artists grow and can't wait until next year so I can show you guys the growth from some of my personal favorite artists from this year's con!

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