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Ahsoka Season 1 Episode 1 ending explained — does Wren survive her battle with Shin?

Updated: Nov 30, 2023


This recap of the Disney + series Ahsoka Season 1 Episode 1, “Master and Apprentice,” contains spoilers.

The pilot episode of Ahsoka, titled "Master and Apprentice," delivers an engaging and exciting introduction to the new Disney+ series.

This latest installment in the streaming version of the Star Wars universe boasts a terrific cast, stunning special effects, captivating storytelling, and a fantastic lead performance by Rosario Dawson.

Ahsoka Season 1 Episode 1 Recap

What does the “opening crawl” state in Ahsoka?

The opening crawl reads: “The EVIL GALACTIC EMPIRE has taken a NEW REPUBLIC has risen to take its place. However, sinister agents are already at work to undermine the fragile peace. A plot is underway to find the lost IMPERIAL GRAND ADMIRAL THRAWN and bring him out of exile."

“Once presumed dead, rumors of Thrawn’s return would galvanize the IMPERIAL REMNANTS and start another war.”

"Former Jedi Knight AHSOKA TANO captured one of Thrawn’s allies and learned of a secret map vital to the enemy’s plan. Ahsoka now searches for the map as her prisoner, MORGAN ELSBETH, is transported to the New Republic for trial….”

Who do Baylan and Shin help escape in Ahsoka?

Dark Jedi (or Sith), Baylan Skoll, and Shin Hati sneak onto a New Republic cruiser and liberate Lady Morgan under the pretense of being a Jedi. After Baylan and Shin eliminate nearly anyone obstructing their path, including the captain and officers, they escort Morgan away from the vessel.

She discloses to Baylan that the Jedi who apprehended her has knowledge regarding Thrawn and the map. "Who is his Jedi?" queries Baylan. To which Lady Morgan responds, "Ahsoka Tano."

It's important to acknowledge that Baylan was a Jedi who vanished after the Clone Wars. Additionally, observe that Baylan, like Shin, wields a "red" lightsaber.

Who is Ahsoka Tano?

Ahsoka is a former Jedi Knight who once served during the Clone Wars as a Padawan learner under the esteemed Jedi, Anakin Skywalker. Ahsoka belongs to the Togruta species, recognized for its montrals.

Additionally, they possess long tentacle-head tails called lekkus and distinctive facial markings. When we encounter Ahsoka, she discovers the star map, resembling a round copper metal orb adorned with peculiar symbols.

As Ahsoka attempts to depart, she faces five droids from the Galactic Empire, striving to seize the map from her. Nevertheless, she successfully escapes and summons Huyang, her droid, who pilots her ship, the Fulcrum. Rather than allowing her to escape, the droids self-destruct, obliterating the ruins.

(We later learn that the ruins were an ancient temple on Arcona, an establishment inherited from Lady Morgan’s ancestors known as The Night Sisters of Darthomir. This solidifies Morgan's identity as, in Shin’s description, a "witch.")

Despite the odds, Ahsoka manages to board the Fulcrum while it hovers mid-flight before becoming the ruins are engulfed in flames. It's worth noting that Ahsoka wields a "white" lightsaber and possesses two of them!

What does the "star map" contain?

The "star map" holds the location of the last Imperial Grand Admiral, Thrawn. Despite the belief that Thrawn perished in the Battle of Lothal, Ahsoka points out that such confirmation never emerged.

Given Lady Morgan's strong alliance with Thrawn, she possesses a hidden knowledge. Unfortunately, unlocking the star map proves elusive, yet they believe that Sabine Wren can assist.

This revelation implies that former Republic Commander Ezra Bridger might be alive if Thrawn endures.

Who is Commander Sabine Wren in Ahsoka?

Wren is a Mandalorian warrior and a valiant revolutionary leader during the grand rebellion against the malevolent Galactic Empire. With a punk-rock spirit, Wren is a formidable and heroic soldier, embodying shades of Han Solo's apparent charm.

While not consciously seeking heroism, she shoulders responsibility when thrust upon her.

It's worth mentioning that Wren is the former apprentice of Ahsoka and wields a "green" lightsaber.

Lady Morgan dispatches Shin to Lothal to locate Wren due to her intimate connection with Ahsoka, whom Morgan is aware possesses the map.

Ahsoka Season 1 Episode 1 Ending Explained

Does Wren survive her battle with Shin at the end of the episode?

We don’t know, as Wren passes out and falls to the ground right before the end credits after being wounded. After taking the star map to the old command post, Wren unlocks the map, showing a hologram of a galaxy, yes, “far, far away.” (Wren opens the map like a futuristic Rubix Cube.)

That’s when Shin and two droids appear, stealing the map, and Wren calls the Republic headquarters for help as Ahsoka and Huyang take the Fulcrum to Wren’s location. Unfortunately, Shin manages to stab Wren right through her torso during the epic lightsaber battle. 

The area of the wound looks ominous, and before Shin can finish the job, Ahsoka arrives, and Shin jettisons for her escape.

Who is the pilot episode of Ahsoka dedicated to?

The episode is dedicated to the loving memory of “Randy.” We do not know who Randy is at the time of this writing, but we will update this post when the information becomes available.

Grade: 8/10

"Star Wars: Ahsoka boasts a terrific cast, awe-inspiring special effects, captivating storytelling, and a fantastic lead performance by Rosario Dawson."

What did you think of Ahsoka Season 1 Episode 1? Comment below.

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