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Ahsoka season 1 episode 2 recap — what does Ahsoka call Wren at the end of the episode?

Updated: Nov 30, 2023


This recap of the Disney + series Ahsoka Season 1 Episode 2, “Toil and Trouble,” contains spoilers.

Star Wars: Ahsoka’s second episode, titled “Toil and Trouble,” further enriches the engaging story and mystery of the Ahsoka saga. The Disney+ series continues to impress with its remarkable special effects and innovative perspective on the aftermath of the Rebels and Clone Wars saga.

Ahsoka Season 1 Episode 2 Recap

Wren survives the epic lightsaber battle with Shin. However, she now faces the task of delivering the unfortunate news to her mentor, Ahsoka, that the evil Galactic Empire has managed to steal the star map.

What did Wren discover on the star map?

Wren informed Ahsoka that the star map revealed two galaxies with a pathway connecting both. Unfortunately, Wren couldn't decipher where the path in their galaxy/planet began before Shin and the droids took the map. Wren conveyed that the evidence was destroyed.

Ahsoka foresaw checking Wren's command post to see if the wounded droid was still there. After beheading the attacker, Ahsoka retrieved the droid so Wren could access its information. Huyang expressed concern that the droid might explode like the ones on Arcona.

Before shutting it down, Wren noticed that the droid originated from Corellia, the New Republic Shipyard. It's puzzling because Lady Morgan once had connections there during its time under Imperial control. This is perplexing as those operations should have been dismantled after the rebellion.

What does Lady Morgan uncover on the star map?

Lady Morgan unveiled a map of their ancient galaxy, their home. Baylan and Shin arrived on a planet and placed the map within an ancient ruin resembling Stonehenge. Lady Morgan activated the star map, using the ancient ruins as a guide to align the map like an interactive compass.

The map disclosed that the starting point leads to Peridea. Baylan acknowledged that the children of the Jedi temple referred to it, whether as a story or a fairy tale. Morgan informed Baylan that although the path might appear unclear to him, she sensed Thrawn's call and believed embarking on this journey was the right decision.

Lady Morgan tells them that the Eye of Sion will soon arrive. Baylan assured her that Marrok would be prepared. Morgan departed, prompting Shin to inquire what happens when they locate Thrawn. Baylan responded, "For some, war. For others, a new beginning. Power. Beyond anything you've ever imagined."

What do Ahsoka and General Hera find at Corellia?

The sinister Galactic Empire has been engaged in an unlawful import and export operation within the New Republic Shipyard. While interrogating the facility's operations manager, a man who seems to have a condescending attitude towards females, they uncover that the entire command center team is under Empire control.

A shipyard droid discovered an Empire assassin droid, an HK-class model, yet failed to notify management due to the droid's high-level security clearance. The Empire agents initiate an attack but are overpowered by Ahsoka and Hera, who give chase. (Of course, The evil agents' yelling "For the Empire!" gives Ahsoka and Hera ample time to prevent the attack).

Hera boards her ship, accompanied by her loyal droid named Chop, and begins pursuing the transport. Ahsoka confronts an Empire droid and fighter, who I initially thought was Reva but is most likely Marrok, in the docking bay, waiting for her.

What is Marrok's weapon?

Marrok unveils a menacing double-bladed lightsaber reminiscent of the Third Sister. They engage in an epic battle, but Marrok manages to escape with Shin.

With Chop's assistance, Hera successfully attaches a tracker to the ship before it enters hyperspace.

What does Ahsoka call Wren at the end of the episode?

Ahsoka calls Wren "Padawan," which means "apprentice." Shortly before arriving at headquarters, Wren cut her hair and put back on her Mandalorian armor.

Wren is now ready to continue the fight and heads off with Ahsoka to follow the tracker that has the ship in the Denab System around the planet Seatos.

Star Wars: Ahsoka Season 1 Episode 2 Ending Explained

What does Baylan see at the end of the episode?

Baylan observes that Ahsoka's presence in the Force is elusive, but her determination is vivid. He informs Lady Morgan that she's on her way to them. However, he expresses that killing her would be a pity, considering the scarcity of remaining Jedi.

Lady Morgan dismisses Baylan's sentimentality, but he insists it's the truth. The episode concludes with the plan set in motion. Soon, the Eye of Sion will be complete, and they will liberate Admiral Thrawn from his exile in the distant galaxy.

Grade: 8/10

"Star Wars: Ahsoka continues to impress with its remarkable special effects and innovative perspective on the aftermath of the Clone Wars saga."

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