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Ahsoka season 1 episode 8 recap — recap and the season finale ending explained

Updated: Nov 30, 2023


This recap of the Disney + series Star Wars: Ahsoka Season 1 Episode 8, "The Jedi, the Witch, and the Warlord," contains spoilers.

In Ahsoka's season finale, "The Jedi, the Witch, and the Warlord," Ashoka, Wren, Huyang, and Ezra begin their race to prevent Grand Admiral Thrawn's escape. The eighth episode is a brilliant ending to a fantastic freshman season.

Star Wars: Ahsoka Season 1 Episode 8 Recap

What is Lady Morgan's reward?

As Grand Admiral Thrawn prepares for battle, he asks the Great Mothers to do him one last favor and give Lady Morgan a special present on this day. It's the gift of shadows, and Lady Morgan proudly accepts it. The leader takes Morgan's head in her hands and begins.

She sees a lime green (looking like glowing Baja Mountain Dew from Taco Bell) burn in her eyes and temples. When the burn stops, a light gray mark appears on her face, almost like a shadow.

Then, Klothow, Aktropaw, and Lakesis bring out the Blade of Talzin and tell Morgan to take it into her hands. Grand Admiral Thrawn then smiles.

Who taught Ezra how to build a lightsaber?

Kanan Jarrus was Ezra's mentor and taught him how to build a lightsaber. Unexpectedly, we find out that Huyang taught Jarrus how to make a lightsaber. The connection is that Huyang taught and trained every "youngling" at the Jedi temple.

Huyang tells Wren and Ezra how vital the mentor-apprentice relationship is because it is as challenging as it is meaningful. The droid then gives Wren a look and pulls out a duplicate base of a lightsaber, an extra one in case Kanan ever needs it.

Huyang then gives the piece of equipment to Ezra.

What is the issue between Ahsoka and Wren?

The reminiscence between Huyang and Ezra over Kanan makes Wren melancholy, and she walks away. Huyang explains to Ezra that the difference between them was because Ahsoka was afraid that Sabine was becoming a Jedi for the wrong reasons.

That was because her hatred was driving her ambition, as Imperial forces killed thousands of people, including her family. Of course, Ahsoka’s worry seems to be Wren’s hate driving her over to the dark side.

That's when two of Thrawn's TIE fighters make a sneak attack, causing Wren and Huyang to use the T-6 1974 to blow them up, but crippling their escape vessel. Ahsoka, Ezra, and Wren then take the gith to Thrawn, breaking into his fortress.

What do the Great Mothers do to the dead Night Troopers?

After an epic battle between two dozen Night Troopers and the heroic three, the Great Mothers perform a spell, transforming the Imperial soldiers into Storm Trooper Zombies (they even walk like them!). Luckily, Wren seals the doors, trapping the zombies and securing their safety.

Thrawn then asks Lady Morgan to interfere with our hero's ascent. The look on her face says it all—she won't be going home with Thrawn. When they arrive, Morgan waits for them, the Blade of Talzin in her hands. Ahsoka pulls her lightsaber shoto blades and tells Wren and Ezra to stop Thrawn.

Does Ahsoka kill Lady Morgan?

Yes, Ahsoka is able to kill Lady Morgan. However, only after Sabine and Ezra take out a couple of badass-looking Imperial warriors (they appear to be Zombie Purge troopers, but I could be wrong), it becomes apparent that Thrawn is making his escape.

Wren plans for Ezra to jump from the platform to the Imperial cruiser ascending into the skies. Wren will use the Force to push him the rest of the way when he starts to fall. Wren asks Ezra to trust her, and he does.

When it looks like he’s about to fall, Wren comes through, and he barely hangs onto the edge before killing two Night Troopers. Wren is about to jump herself, where Ezra will use the Force to bring her the rest of the way, but she sees Ahsoka fighting Morgan and about twenty or so Zombie Night Troopers.

Wren leaves her there, but looking back, she follows Ahsoka’s orders. As the fight continues, Morgan even disables one of Ahsoka’s white shoto blades, which, I’ll admit, is quite shocking. Morgan tells Ahsoka that her friends are dead, and she will die alone.

However, that’s when Wren emerges from the shadows because she never left. They fight together, and Ahsoka kills Morgan with a double-blade stroke, using her remaining white lightsaber. After confiscating Morgan’s Blade of Talzin, she strikes across Morgan's torso.

Why does Thrawn call Ahsoka a Ronin?

After escaping the collapse of Thrawn's fortress through Huyang's ship, Thrawn refers to Ahsoka as a Ronin because he alludes to knowing her master, Anakin Skywalker. The smile on his face says it all: If he can be turned, why can't his apprentice, Ahsoka?

And since "Ronin" refers to Ahsoka almost as a free agent because she has "no lord or master and, in some cases, had also severed all links with his family or clan," Thrawn then puts the Hyperspace Ring into, well, Hyperspace, leaving Ahsoka, Wren, and Huyang behind in their T-6 1974.

Thrawn and his fleet now descend onto Dathomir, the blood-drenched red-light planet with the massive stone fortresses of the Nightsisters.

How does Ezra get home?

Ezra takes the suit of one of the Night Troopers and steals a Lambda-class T-4a shuttle. That means Ezra didn't stick around on the Imperial cruiser and attempt to stop Thrawn himself, which I found troubling.

He takes the shuttle and flies to the Rebel base. When he arrives, Hera and a couple of dozen armed good guys and girls have their blasters drawn. However, Ezra docks, walks out and pulls off his mask for Choppy and Hera to see.

The last we see of Shin is when she arrives at the remaining camp of Imperial fighters with her red lightsaber drawn in the air. As for Baylan, he is standing on the highest cliff of Peridea, looking over the vast countryside.

As Hera asks in disbelief, Ezra tells them he's home.

Ahsoka Season 1 Episode 8 Ending Explained

Who is hiding in the "shadows of the star light'?

Anakin Skywalker is watching Wren and Ahsoka in all his glory as a "force ghost." Wren and Ahsoka have made amends, with the apprentice earning her master's respect, and are now setting up camp with the Noti after being stranded in Peridea.

Does "The Jedi, the Witch, and the Warlord" have a post-credits scene?

No, the Ahsoka episode "The Jedi, the Witch, and the Warlord" does not have a post-credits scene.

Grade: 8/10 "The season finale of Ahsoka is suspensful, exciting, and overall, brilliant ending to it's freshman season."

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