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Dragon Ball Super Director Keen on Rebooting the Classic Franchise

DragonBall Reboot
2D VS 3D Animation

Chikashi Kubota, the animation director of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, has recently expressed his interest in rebooting the iconic Dragon Ball series. The animator believes a fresh start and the creation of a new storyline that encompasses all timelines can revitalize the beloved franchise​.

Dragon Ball, created by Akira Toriyama, has been a cornerstone of the anime industry since its first serialization in 1984. The series, which includes the well-known spinoffs Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super, helped popularize anime in the West and cemented its characters, especially Goku, into global pop culture​.

The idea for a reboot comes amidst changing dynamics in the world of anime, with the latest Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero project shifting from traditional 2D animation to fully computer-generated 3D. While this development was generally well-received, there were critics who voiced concerns over the change in art style. Kubota's suggestion for a reboot could be seen as a way to improve the animation quality and streamline the franchise's complex canon, making it more accessible for new fans who might be overwhelmed by the numerous shows, manga titles, and unclear continuity​.

However, the prospect of a reboot raises questions and concerns. It would mean the re-creation of both Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, two extensive series with deeply entrenched fan bases. There's a risk that the final work may not resonate with original fans, who have often shown negative reactions to alterations of classic content. Capturing the spirit of the original series in a reboot is a daunting challenge​.

Despite Kubota's enthusiasm, the possibility of a reboot happening in the near future seems slim. Current speculations suggest that the continuation of Dragon Ball Super, particularly following the arc dedicated to the Tournament of Power, is likely the priority for Toei Animation​.

While no official reports about Toei Animations' interest in rebooting the series have been made, Kubota has shared his desire with Norihiro Hayashida, the producer of the last three Dragon Ball movies. As anime reboots become more commonplace in the industry, Dragon Ball fans around the world will be eagerly watching for updates on the potential rebirth of this legendary series​.

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