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Slam Dunk: My Hero Academia Announces Unique Collaboration with NBA

My Hero x NBA Collab
My Hero x NBA

My Hero Academia Collab's with the NBA?! The highly popular anime and manga series, "My Hero Academia", has recently announced a partnership with the NBA. This unique fusion of the world of anime and professional sports signifies the widespread influence of anime among athletes globally. While the exact details of the collaboration remain under wraps, a few elements have been made public. The announcement made in Japan through a new publication mentioned exclusive fashion that will be featured to celebrate this joining of worlds. In addition, this partnership includes "Hyperfly", a fashion retailer known for its work in the anime world, having created attire for other popular series like Jujutsu Kaisen and Naruto. This could potentially mean that fans might get to see their favorite characters from My Hero Academia featured on exclusive NBA merchandise.

While there's no precedent of the students of Class 1-A, the main characters in My Hero Academia, playing basketball in the series, the show has included a baseball game between teams of heroes, aptly named "Hero League Baseball". This suggests that the series isn't averse to integrating sports into its storyline. However, with the manga in its final arc and the anime preparing for its seventh season, the characters may not have the opportunity to hit the basketball court in the storyline itself.

The anime adaptation of My Hero Academia, produced by Studio Bones, has faithfully followed the manga and has recently concluded its sixth season in March 2023, covering the "Paranormal Liberation War" and "Dark Hero" arcs. The manga itself is approaching its grand finale with several significant battles reaching their conclusion, including the fight against Dabi.

My Hero Academia's foray into collaborations is not new. The series has previously entered partnerships with games like Fortnite, where character skins were made available for players, and with Sanrio for adorable character transformations. It has even collaborated with Primitive Skateboards in the past, allowing fans to ride along with their favorite characters.

My Hero Academia, created by Kōhei Horikoshi, is one of the best-selling manga series of all time, with over 85 million copies in circulation as of February 2023. The series draws inspiration from various American superhero films and comics as well as other manga, contributing to its global popularity and recognition.

The NBA collaboration only adds to the long list of real-world involvements for My Hero Academia, bringing a new level of excitement for the fans. However, the specifics regarding what this collaboration will entail remain to be seen

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