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The Flash Trailer!

With extreme trepidation, I find myself looking forward to The Flash. It is not exactly the last of the pre-James Gunn/Peter Safran films to be released from DC Comics and Warner Bros., but it will definitely be the most anticipated.

I was not the biggest fan of the Snyderverse, but I also didn't hate it. There were definitely hits and misses. The Flash could have been the reset button that DC needed. As luck would have it, COVID, reshoots, and Ezra Miller trouble created a situation in which it absolutely will serve as final nail in the old and a reboot for the new regime. Gunn and Safran have already laid out the framework for the new universe, but we still aren't exactly sure how this film plays into it or sets it up. Obviously one of the biggest selling points is the return of Batman extraordinaire Michael Keaton. But I'd also suggest you don't overlook Ben Affleck's version and his return, albeit with less time in between.

And of course there's Ezra Miller. I don't want to comment on his personal/legal issues, but I am curious how he's going to handle being front and center. Times two, nonetheless. But, as I said, I'm trepidation simply because Warner Bros. has not exactly wowed me with their DC Comics track record.

Let us know what you think about the latest trailer for The Flash.

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