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Throwback Thursday Trailers - Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III

I love movies. I love seeing movies in the theater. I'm also that uber nerd that needs to be in my seat early so I can see all the trailers for the upcoming releases. There are some incredible previews that turn into fantastic films. There are also amazing trailers that turn out to be pretty pathetic movies. In this Throwback Thursday, I wanted to look back at some of my favorite trailers, no matter the final result of the film.

Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III was released in 1990. This entry in the TCM franchise is mainly known for starring Viggo Mortensen. And having to cut a lot of the gore and horror to avoid the dreaded X rating from the MPAA. Fun fact, it was the last film to receive such a rating before they implemented the NC-17 mark.

Anywho, with the continued success of A Nightmare On Elm Street, Bob Shaye of New Line Cinemas fame, bought the rights to the TCM franchise. He hoped to bring the films back to their roots and avoid the comedy of part 2. Before any real pre-production, Shaye rushed to shoot a trailer to build anticipation. It literally has nothing to do with the film, other than focusing on the key slasher, Leatherface. Rumor has it, Kane Hodder of Jason Voorhees fame, donned the mask for this preview. The above trailer is clearly an ode to the Lady in the Lake from Excalibur. It only takes one viewing to see how ridiculous the preview is, which is exactly why I love it. The final film did not meet expectations at all, but the trailer has always stuck with me as pure entertainment.

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