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The Wheel of Time - Season 2, Episode 4 Recap — Who is the Daughter of the Night?

Updated: Nov 30, 2023


This recap of the Prime Video series The Wheel of Time Season 2 Episode 4, “Daughter of the Night,” contains spoilers.

The Wheel of Time episode, "Daughter of the Night," is another spectacular outing for the Prime Video series. Unless you have read the books, it's become appointment viewing television because you simply cannot guess where it's headed next!

The Wheel of Time Season 2 Episode 4 recap

The episode begins with the Dark One performing some spell or exercise (almost like he's standing inside the Wheel of Time). It's an ominous scene that ends with a creepy silence. However, after a moment, a woman appears. We never see her face, and a hand reaches out.

The body looks covered in blood.

Who does Moiraine travel to Cairhien to visit?

Moiraine travels to Cairhien to visit her little sister. However, that's only a cover because, if you remember, Rand is in Cairhien, and so is Logain. This family visit is different because Moiraine's little sister is decades older than her. Well, in looks anyway.

Moiraine's sister, Anvaere Damodred, cornered Rand at the party in the last episode, making him uncomfortable. The Aes Sedai age slowly, at a snail's pace, which we saw earlier this season with Liandrin mourning the poor health of her elderly son.

What does Moiraine tell Logain?

Moiraine visits Logain at the asylum. She knows that Rand has come to see him. However, Rand has no idea. Moiraine knows he's there. Moiraine tells Logain that he must teach Rand how to channel. 

If he does, she will give with „this knife." At first, I thought this must be that evil dagger. After the scene, I think it's just a knife that Logain can use to escape or kill himself.

Why is Anvaere mad at Moiraine?

Moiraine still cannot locate Rand, but when she arrives back at her sister's place, we get a small glimpse of the blue Aes Sedai's backstory. An oil painting in the home shows Anvaere sitting on Moiraine's lap as a small child. Her older sister left when she was small.

This was the first time she had seen her sister in decades. Anvaere was left to care for their father and bring their family back to its former glory. She controls everything in Cairhien and knows why her sister is in town (even about Logain).

If Moiraine wants to find Rand, she must ask her sister.

What is Lan's next move?

Moiraine does not break Lan's bond. She just took it away. He's now somewhat of a free agent at the White Tower. He is now a Warder for Alanna (played by Lion's Priyanka Bose), and to the delight of her and other Aes Sedai, she now has three handsome Warders to spend her time with.

Alanna, though, knows Moraine is on a dangerous mission. She tells Lan that Moiraine plans to go to the Arches, which means almost certain death for most Aes Sedai (well, except for ones like her and Nynaeve).

What does Liandrin tell Nynaeve after her journey through the Arches?

Liandrin tells Nynaeve that an enemy force has taken a town hostage, and one of them is her friend, Perrin. (For a refresher, that's High Lady Suroth and the Seanchan, but we already know Perrin escaped.) Nynaeve tells Egwene, who insists on going with her despite the fact that she will be banned from the White Tower.

When they try to leave, they find the lovely Lady Elayne following them. That's when Liandrin appears, telling them that Elayne is a complication. She channels all three across the tunnel and into a wall.

Where do Min and Mat travel to when leaving the White Tower?

We aren't sure exactly where Min and Mat are, but they are gambling over a drinking game, and Min is winning. Min is trying to get Mat drunk, and the bartender is also in on the ruse.

Min overpays to keep the drinks coming. Min also rents a room and tells the man that someone is coming to visit her. It appears Min doesn't know exactly who they are, but when they show up, they will know which room Min and Mat are staying in.

Then, in a shocker, the Dark One appears, and he has been paying Min to deliver Mat to a location he has yet to unveil. At first, Min refuses, not wanting to hurt Mat. She then gives in because the Dark One has scared her.

The Dark One tells Min to take Mat to Cairhien.

What is Perrin?

While walking away with their group of wolves, Perrin begs Elyas to return and help his friends. (I know, what about poor Loial?) Elyas tells Perrin that he has been watching him from afar for a while. Perrin is part of the Elyas known as "Wolfbrother."

They eat a buck killed by the wolves, and Elyas eats the meat cold as Perrin watches in disgust while he cooks it. Shortly enough, he will eat the meat cold, he tells Perrin. A wolf takes a shine to Perrin, and Elyas tells him he will tell Perrin his name when he's ready.

Then, the wolf tells Perrin his name, which is Harper. Harper may be Perrin's warder if the Wolfbrothers have such a thing.

The Wheel of Time Season 2 Episode 4 Ending Explained

Who is the Daughter of the Night?

It's not clear at first during the last scene, but Selene appears to be the Daughter of the Night. After a Fade ambushes them at Selene's cabin, Rand is forced to channel to kill the beast, scaring Selene. (And you know, lying to your girlfriend never helps matters.)

Rand tells Selene he is leaving because when he loves someone, they end up dying. Selene is taken aback, and they kiss. They go to the cabin and make love, with Selene on top. That's when Selene tells Rand she's a monster, too.

Just before something terrible is going to happen to Rand, Moiraine stabs Selene in the back and then slits her throat. Rand pushes Moiraine against a wall because he killed the woman he loves.

Moiraine tells Rand that Selene is the Daughter of the Night, the title of the heir to the Lion Throne of Andor.

Grade: "The Wheel of Time episode, "Daughter of the Night," is another spectacular outing for the Prime Video series. Unless you have read the books, it's become appointment viewing television because you simply cannot guess where it's headed next!" 9/10

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