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The Wheel of Time, Season 2, Episode 7 Recap — how does Moiraine regain her powers?

Updated: Nov 30, 2023


This recap of the Prime Video series The Wheel of Time Season 2 Episode 7, “ Daes Dae’mar,” contains spoilers.

The episode "Daes Dae’mar" opens with Moiraine and Siuan being summoned to the head of Aes Sedai, known as the Blue Sitt, who is played by legendary child actress Haley Mills, in the Amyrlin Seat.

They are planning for the future, but the series goes back to the first season's seventh episode, "The Dark Along the Ways," where we see the Dragon Reborn birthed by Tigraine Mantear, who then died.

As Tigraine passes away after her child is taken away during a snowy, blood-splattered battle, the head of the Aes Sedai also passes on. This scene happened twice years prior and set Moiraine on her journey to find the Dragon Reborn.

Siuan and Moiraine put their plans to be each other's "fish wives" on hold for the next 20 years. As they meet in the present day, Siuan reveals Lan has told them everything she has done to keep the secret, including threatening Lan by breaking the bond.

The Wheel of Time Season 2 Episode 7 recap

Who summons Rand to meet?

This leads to Siuan's meeting with Rand, which could have gone better. Rand is defiant as she tries to school him, saying he will not be chained. He begins to get angry and channels Siuan with the flick of her wrist, wrapping him in the Aes Sedai's white glowing aura.

As Rand is helpless on his knees, Siuan berates him, saying he has learned nothing in the past six months and it would have been easier if he were a girl. It turns out that Siuan has put Rand under a shield, protecting him from using the One Power.

Who does Rand summon to help him escape?

Siuan tells Rand she plans to introduce Rand to Cairhien to show the world that the Dragon Reborn is under Aes Sedai's control with the 14 sisters, so Rand summons Leane in his sleep to help him escape.

While sleeping, he calls on Selene to help free him from Siuan's shield (even though Moiraine assured him it would wear off shortly). In real-time, Leane begins to create fires and blow up anything to get to Rand.

What is happening with Gwen and Mat?

Meanwhile, Gwen is being kept in the kennels and is now being trained as a Damane by her sul'dam Renna. In one short exercise, Renna shows the rest of the Damane being trained why Gwen is the most powerful Damane trainee.

Renna thinks she has made a connection and bond with Gwen, as she starts to help clean her up after her first day of training. However, Gwen tells Rene that she will kill her at some point.

Matt is in a dream with the Dark One, manipulating his feelings by bringing up devastating moments from his past. Fares Fares continues his emotional abuse, subtly trying to sway him to his side, soothing him after watching the abuse his family took from his father as a child.

Where are Perrin and Aviendha headed?

We aren't sure, but we think they are headed to the Nine Valleys. After Perrin helps Aviendha escape from the Children of Light, she tells Perrin that she's in his debt according to the Aiel honor system of ji'e'toh.

Maiden of the Spear is wise, one of the Nine Valleys, a sept of the Taardad Aiel. She and Perrin head out of town (maybe to the Three-fold Land?), run into the other two, and then makeup with the Wise Ones.

They lost one, and in a Maiden of the Spear ritual, they beat her up, appearing to cleanse her of her past sins. However, when they find their next destination, they arrive in Falme.

This must be for a reason, which would be Mat, who is being turned to the dark by Ishamael. Will they be able to save Mat?

Who is Liandrin strongarming?

Liandrin gives Barthanes Damodred an order from their "master" to remove Moiraine from the board and remove his mother if needed. Anvaere Damodred is in the next room, listening to the conversation through a pipe.

Later, Anvaere confronts her son, who admits to his doings, and asks her how they think they have risen to power in Cairhien so fast in such a short period of time. She has one of her guards trick her son into entering a cell.

He thought his mother was sleeping when they put a sleep aid in her tea. Agitated and scared, he pleads with his mother to let him out of the cell. He also points out how Moiraine left them and cannot be trusted.

Barthanes's mother agrees but says one thing her sister does know is the difference between right and wrong.

What does Verin try to locate?

Verin Mathwin (Meera Syal), the Aes Sedai of the Brown Ajah, has located an Ogier map of the city but will not say why. The Green Aes Sedai, Loial (Priyanka Bose), and her warders, Ivhon and Maksim, are skeptical.

A series of events happen, with Lan letting Logain escape because Selene is coming, and they would love to get their hands on someone like Logain who channels (and, for that matter, the Aes Sedai). Verin then tricks Leane into letting Rand out of his shield.

The Wheel of Time Season 2 Episode 7 Ending Explained

How does Moiraine regain her powers?

As Moiraine and Rand try to escape to create the outer wall to the Waygate. Lan figures out that her powers have been stilled (this happened at the end of the last season). Rand can unlock what the Dark One did, and Moiraine opens the portal. That's when Siuan shows up.

Siuan commands Moiraine to close the door, and she does, appearing to be overtaken by Siuan's control. Then, Selene shows up and channels Siuan into the wall, causing her to bleed from her head and nose.

Selene is about to kill Moiraine, but Rand stops her, telling his former lover that if she kills Moiraine, he will never help her. Selene, Rand, Lan, and Moiraine leave, walking to the portal.

They are on their way to Falme.

Grade: "The Wheel of Time episode "Dae Dae'mer" is an example of near-perfect escapist television." 9/10

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