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BLADE RUNNER 2033: LABYRINTH Officially Announced


Annapurna Interactive has announced they are creating a new Blade Runner video game. The Ridley Scott directed 1982 Blade Runner is widely considered one of the greatest sci-fi films ever made. 35 years later Denis Villeneuve did what was said couldn't be done and made a worthy sequel, Blade Runner 2049. Not only is 2049 considered a great film, some believe it's better than the original. That's for each person to decide for themselves.

Both films are tonally similar delving into a world of noir, mystery, gorgeous visuals and some of the best world building ever seen. It's long been wondered if a video game would ever happen but up until now nothing has come of it.

In 1997 a point and click Blade Runner game was released and later received an Enhanced Edition which featured an updated version of the original game. But Blade Runner fans are eager for something new in the realm of video game based entertainment featuring their favorite desolate, futuristic noir thriller.

Not much is known about the new video game beyond it appearing to be canon to the two live-action films. Known as Blade Runner 2033: Labyrinth, the game will take place between Blade Runner and 2017's Blade Runner 2049. It is said that the version of Blade Runner featured in the game will be after the Black Out, a period of 10 days where power shut off that allowed Replicants to attempt to destroy the database that held their information, hopefully keeping any Blade Runners off their trail.

No character information has been provided. It isn't known if any of the characters from either film will make an appearance in the game or not. In fact the very kind of game it's going to be isn't known either. Could it be an action game? Could it be something more along the lines of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead telling an episodic story of the living dead? Maybe another point and click?! Only time will tell. Until more is know we wait with bated breath.

BLADE RUNNER 2033: LABYRINTH - Reveal Trailer


In other exciting news related to the world of Blade Runner, an Amazon television series is in the works as well. Even less is known about this series than this newly announced video game. Of course with all this lack of information we obviously have no official release date for the game or the series.

For anyone that doesn't know, Blade Runner 2049 is my favorite movie of all-time. I love everything about it. Anything new from this world I am automatically in. The game will be released on PC and consoles although which consoles is not currently known either. Are you as excited as I am? Let us know!

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