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Gran Turismo - Trailer


We've all played the games. Now, someone somewhere decided it needed to be a movie. And instead of giving us District 10, director Neill Blomkamp thought he should be the one to helm it.

It's my job to post the latest news but I'm also allowed to say my two cents and my pennies might just stay in my pocket when this hits theaters in August. It doesn't look good. I'm sorry. It's Armageddon all over again. Instead of training astronauts to drill into an asteroid to save the planet, let's teach oil drillers to be astronauts. Instead of training professional drivers to drive our million dollar race cars lets get competitive video game players to be actual professional race car drivers. It's Hollyweird nonsense.

Buuut... here's the trailer for Gran Turismo anyway. At least we know, since this is a Blomkamp picture the CGI should be top tier.

Gran Turismo

Are you a fan of the games? Does this look in any way decent to you?


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