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Jeff Nichols' The Bikeriders - Trailer Premiere!


If I had to describe writer/director Jeff Nichols in one word it would have to be underrated. I know, I know, underrated just might be the most overused word of the 21st century. Regardless of how much mouth breathers have and continue to ruin the English language, the descriptor still stands. More than just being a talented filmmaker, he seems to strive for original stories and in the age of remakes and sequels, the original idea is or at least should be highly sought after.

Mud, Midnight Special and Loving were all helmed by the man. Mud, starring Matthew McConaughey is a Huckleberry Finn type adventure drama about a fugitive meeting two young boys who help him evade vigilantes hot on his trail and try to reunite him with his true love. Midnight Special is one of his best. A sci-fi thriller about a father and son on the run. In pursuit of them is the government and a cult hoping to harness the child's special powers. Loving is one of his more gentle and yet visceral dramas about a true story of forbidden love in a time when interracial marriage was illegal.

As you can tell he likes to dip his pen in many different genres and now he enters the world of the crime drama with The Bikeriders. If the premise doesn't excite you, the cast should definitely pique your interest. And of course, the first trailer for the film, in theaters this December.

The Bikeriders, in theaters December 1, 2023.

Official Synopsis: The Bikeriders follows the rise of a Midwestern motorcycle club through the lives of its members.

Jodie Comer - Kathy

Tom Hardy - Johnny

Norman Reedus - Funny Sonny


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