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My Metal Music Musings #2

Updated: Jun 2, 2023


Considering this is part 2, I'll get right to the point.

In each addition of this series I want to highlight a new song, a new album or just bring attention to a band or musical act I love and think deserves more listening ears. That’s it really. Just think of it as a little celebration of music. Anyway… onto My Metal Music Musings. To clarify I just like the name, it may not always be metal music.



Incendiary (Closed Casket Activities)

Album: Change The Way You Think About Pain

Track list:

1. Bite The Hook

2. Jesus Bones

3. Echo of Nothing

4. Host/Parasite

5. Lie of Liberty

6. C.T.E.

7. Collision

8. Rats in the Cellar

9. Santosha (Illusion of the Self)

10. Change The Way You Think About Pain


  • Brendan Garrone (vocals)

  • Matt McNally (bass)

  • Rob Nobile (guitar)

  • Brian Audley (guitar)

  • Dan Lomeli (drums)


(Closed Casket Activities)

For that quintessential hardcore music, look no further than Incendiary. It's nothing fancy. But I'll be damned if it doesn't scratch that metal itch. Every track on their new album 'Change The Way You Think About Pain' is an absolute banger! Its in your face breakdowns are plentiful and epic. This is pit music through and through. This may be my record of the year.

This Musing I'm highlighting their new record Change The Way You Think About Pain. It hit May 26th of this year. The entire record is something not to miss.

Favorite Tracks:

- Host/Parasite

- Collision

- Jesus Bones

(In truth I genuinely love every single track. Not a weak link among them.)

Streaming on all music services now. For fans of the genre, do not sleep on these guys.

Here's a taste of the new record:

Incendiary: Bite the Hook


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