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The Wheel of Time season 2 episode 8 recap and ending explained

Updated: Nov 30, 2023


This recap of the Prime Video series The Wheel of Time Season 2 Episode 8, “What Was Meant to Be,” contains spoilers.

The episode "What Was Meant to Be" opens 3,000 years ago with a flashback where the Dark One receives punishment from Lews. Lews, the original Dragon, led an all-male Aes Sedai group to seal the Dark One away.

In the past, the male Aes Sedai sealed the Dark One behind the Great Seal because Lews knew how much his foe hated being alive during the Age of Legends.

The Wheel of Time Season 2 Episode 8 recap

Who invades Falme?

The Children of the Light, a military organization dedicated to uncovering dark friends and eradicating evil, invaded Falme to confront the Seanchan despite being vastly outnumbered.

Nynaeve uses her mental abilities to torment a Seanchan woman while rescuing Egwene from the kennels in the midst of the Seanchan and Children of the Light battle.

An arrow piercing Nynaeve's Damane causes her A'dam to fall off her wrist, indicating she is no longer a Sul'Dam.

Who does Perrin reunite with?

Perrin reunites with Loial in Falme, amidst an attack by Aviendha and her Aiel sisters. They learn that Gwen is held hostage and trained as a Damane by her Sul'Dam, Renna. Despite Ingtar's objections due to Seanchan-related losses, Loial and Perrin are determined to rescue Gwen.

Loial urges them to rise as heroes, but during an ambush, Ingtar sacrifices himself to provide an escape opportunity. Meanwhile, Rand attempts to enter the tower, where Gwen is forced into combat. In a display of strength, Rand channels a knife, swiftly dispatching Lord Turak and his men, much like the knife-wielding scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Why does Padan Fain show the dagger to Mat?

The ruby-hilted dagger is an artifact of Shadar Logoth, and the Dark One tells Padan that it can be used to draw Mat to the Dark, thus causing Rand to save his friend. This will be the only way to persuade The Dragon Reborn to join the Dark. Padan leaves the dagger in front of Mat.

Mat slides the dagger off the table and takes out a curtain holder that perfectly fits the knife's end. This allows him to escape by piercing the lock, killing a soldier, and sending Padan running.

As Mat escapes, he is pursued by a group of soldiers. He then encounters Loial, Perrin, and the Aiel. Perrin and Mat embrace, and the group then battles the enemy soldiers.

How does Gwen become Renna's Sul'Dam?

It appears that Gwen catapulted a large stone into the tower, destroying the Seanchan women's firepower. This allows Gwen to play possum with Renna, who believes she has Gwen under her control. Gwen then quickly puts a collar on Renna, who becomes free when one of the other Sul'Dam dies in the attack.

Renna laughs because only someone who can channel can become a Damane. However, Renna only realizes that Gwen has figured out something Renna has just now learned — she can channel and didn't know it!

According to Gwen, that would explain the connection they have. Except that Gwen is still Renna's Damane as well. It doesn't matter. Gwen is too strong and orders Renna to release her from Renna's servitude, killing her.

Why does Moiraine restore her bond with Lan?

Moiraine restores her bond because, as she puts it, she has always known Lan was her "better." We can only surmise that Moiraine broke the bond because, as established in the series, Warders commit suicide when their masters die.

In essence, Moiraine broke the bond because she knew there was a great chance she would not survive this endeavor. While their relationship seems intimate, it is not sexual but intimate. They join hands, and you can see their bond restored through channeling.

The Wheel of Time Season 2 Episode 8 Ending Explained

  • Surrounded by Seanchan warriors, Mat blows the Horn, summoning fallen soldiers. On the tower, he attempts to attack the Dark One with the ruby dagger but stabs Rand due to an illusion.

  • Perrin’s wolf Hopper is killed by the leader of The Children of the Light, Lord Captain Commander, after saving him. In turn, Perrin kills the infamous leader.

  • The Dark One apologizes to Rand before Gwen arrives, shielding her friends. Perrin, Nynaeve, and Elayne join them, healing Rand's wound (just as Nynaeve did for Elayne). Moiraine destroys Suroth's ship, freeing Rand. Rand, now fully empowered, defeats The Dark One.

  • As prophesied, Moiraine declares Rand the Dragon, freeing the people of Falme.

  • Lanfear intended to submerge the sealed Forsaken, but the Dark One released them.

Who is Moghedian?

According to Fandom, "Moghedien was a relatively young Aes Sedai, roughly 200 years old in the Age of Legends when the Bore was created." In the series, she's a Forsaken who warns Lanfear about Rand and the Two Rivers group. Lanfear then pledges to safeguard Rand from his newest foes.

Grade: "The season finale "What Was Meant to Be," is an epic finale to The Wheel of Time's sophmore season, which is now series reborn." 9/10

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