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NFL Draft: The Pick Is In Review — a documentary film for diehard football nerds

Updated: Nov 30, 2023


The Roku Original documentary NFL Draft: The Pick is In contains limited spoilers.

The NFL Draft has always been for diehard fans of the National Football League. Draft head nerds like myself live for it, and I have been watching it since I was a little kid, when the first round took nearly 24 hours to complete.

The Roku Original Documentary Film NFL Draft: The Pick Is In is an attempt by the NFL to appeal to a more generic, casual fan base for the draft, which has transformed into an elite and global event over the past two decades.

The Roku Original NFL Draft: The Pick is In Review and Plot Summary

NFL Draft: The Pick Is In follows the 2023 NFL Draft, which unfolded in Kansas City, spanning from April 27th to the 29th. If you are a fan, you know the top players like Bryce Young, CJ Stroud, and Anthony Richardson– all coveted quarterbacks for various organizations.

You will see Commissioner Roger Goodell and various Hollywood stars get a backstage pass enjoying the events. Depending on your level of interest in football, which includes pregame shows, radio shows, and podcasts, you'll know the anchors and reporters that begin to pop up during the filming.

The documentary provides glimpses of Commissioner Roger Goodell and Hollywood figures immersed in behind-the-scenes moments. However, based on your interest level, spanning pregame shows and simulcasts, familiar anchors and reporters appear during the filming.

One prominent face is Rich Eisen, often considered the father (and now even the grandfather) of the NFL Network. Another figure is Ian Rapoport, an "insider" boasting a comprehensive network of sources who geeks out over breaking news and, like a kid, the draft in general.

Both of these men are very entertaining to watch and bring color to the broadcast and behind the scenes.

I watched the entire NFL Draft myself. Coming from Buffalo, it's almost a prerequisite. NFL Draft: The Pick Is In does an excellent job chronicling human interest stories and presenting genuinely fascinating "war room" footage from individual teams' draft rooms.

Yet, considering it's the NFL, everything is meticulously curated to uphold their image. This approach suits the context since the NFL Draft revolves around fulfilling dreams. For those involved in the draft, it's about realizing their aspirations covering the event.

However, during the interview with Jerry Jones, a team with its sights on a tight end is depicted as unaffected when another team leapfrogs them. Additionally, the interview with Jones discusses the moment over the draft selection of the son whose father is a member of their organization as pure fodder.

Is NFL Draft: The Pick is In good or bad?

The Roku Original documentary The NFL Draft: The Pick Is In is a good and entertaining outside look into one of the sports world's most significant events. However, if you are looking for new, fresh, and revealing insights for the NFL draft nerd, this film falls short of that aspiration.

Is NFL Draft: The Pick is In worth watching?

NFL Draft: The Pick Is In is worth watching for the human interest stories of the players being selected. The documentaries’ most heart-swelling and lump-in-your-throat moments come in the film's final act, which will bring any father and son to, quite possibly, a blubbering mess.

Verdict: "The Roku Original documentary film NFL Draft: The Pick Is In excels when it explores those wonderful human interest moments of the players and professionals covering one of the biggest sports events in the world." 6/10

What did you think of NFL Draft: The Pick is In? Let us know in the comments below!

You can watch this film with a subscription to Roku.

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