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The Boys Season 4 Review — Bigger, Badder, & Bloodier Than Ever!

Here at Nerd Alert, we review the new season of the Prime Video smash hit, The Boys! This article will not contain significant spoilers!

Eric Kripke's The Boys is bigger, badder, and bloodier than ever! The cultural touchstone streaming series continues to be a visceral, bloody, disgusting good time. That's because of the standout performances, a wicked sense of dark, ominous humor, and satirical wit that continues to astonish as the series' original subtext is now entirely at the surface.

What Kripke and his team of truth-tellers and clairvoyant soothsayers have learned is never to turn their back on their core audience. Yet, like a magic trick, it fully unveils what the series is all about that's about to ignite like a powder keg.

The Boys' fourth season is the best yet, full of political polarization, social unrest, and heightened rhetoric that's as frightening as turning on the local (or national news).

Prime Video's The Boys Season 4 Review & Synopsis

The season starts with The Boys under new leadership, with Mother’s Milk (Avatar’s Laz Alonso) now in charge of the team and Butcher (Karl Urban) now finding himself on the outs and looking for a way back in by trying to rescue Ryan (Cameron Crovetti). Dakota Bob (key Kripke player Jim Beaver) is running for re-election, and he has Grace (Laila Robins) as the unit running a secret operation.

The team is investigating the president’s running mate, Vic Neuman (Claudia Doumit), who was outed as a “supe” last season. MM is working to take her down before it’s too late. Hughie (Jack Quaid) and Annie (Erin Moriarty), who has left The Seven, are helping MM with the matter.

Annie is now firmly the rival of Homelander (Antony Starr), who is currently dividing America. The ominous Captain America wannabee becomes a savvy political strategist. He brings in the "smartest person in the world," who goes by the name Sister Sage (Susan Heyward), and a country girl who gives off those Starlight vibes, Firecracker (Valorie Curry).

The Boys Season 4 is Bigger, Badder, & Bloodier Than Ever!

All eight super-sized episodes of The Boys' fourth season were available for critics. (Apple TV+ should take note of this, as they did not allow the final episode of their series to be screened, preventing us from evaluating the murder mystery as a whole.) This chapter is an absurdly entertaining outing that maintains the toxic revenge tale with a heaping helping of gallows humor.

However, the series has now graduated from satirizing comic book/superhero commentary to comment on the political unrest in America. A terrific storyline is Homelander's violent use of the media to push his right-wing message with propaganda to sway social movements and public dissent. (Several scenes that parody the QAnon conspiracy are spot on.)

The season paints a picture of modern-day dystopian America in peril, a country divided, and on the verge of a civil war that's thought-provoking while being frat-boyish at the same time, which is no small feat. Initially, you may think you have the series figured out, but that's the brilliance of The Boys — the show finds moral ambiguity in both the villains and the heroes.

Is Prime Video's The Boys Season 4 Worth Watching?

The Boys' fourth season is worth watching because it can be a genuinely visceral experience that subtly plays both sides to tap into the characters' biases and moral ambiguity. However, while you are getting your fill of high-end social commentary, make no mistake: you'll be bombarded with a show that remains darkly comic, lightning-fast, and a full-throttle, bloodstained ride.

Summary: The Boys fourth season is bigger, badder, and bloodier than ever! The series remains remains darkly comic, lightning-fast, and a full-throttle, gory, blood-soaked ride. Grade: 8/10

You can stream The Boys Season 4 on Prime Video on June 13th!


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