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The Fall of the House of Usher - Trailer Premiere!


Over the years I've made it no secret that I'm a bit of a Mike Flanagan fanboy. And maybe because I am one I don't think fanboys are judged fairly. Granted there are the gatekeepers who will berate anyone who doesn't know as much as they do about whatever it is they obsess over. But I have to believe these shit spackled Muppet farts are in the minority and that most of us are just slightly obsessive super fans of certain nerd related topics. Whether it's Star Wars or Marvel or a specific person there's nothing wrong with being a little more than knowledgeable and supportive than most people. For my time, anything created by Mike Flanagan is time well spent.

I would say pretty much everything but if I'm really trying to be honest here, literally everything he's had his hands in creating I have enjoyed to some degree. Ouija: Origin of Evil, Oculus, Before I Wake, Hush, The Haunting Series (Hill House & Bly Manor), Midnight Mass and so on. And now, we have his adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe's The Fall of the House of Usher, a modern reimagining.

After much hearsay, just a few weeks ago information started to slowly unveil itself in the form of an official synopsis, set images, casting news and a release date (10/12/23). Basically until today, the only thing left before the release of the series itself was a trailer. Luckily we needn't wait a moment longer. Nevermore! Nevermore! Nevermore!

Official Synopsis: The original short story by Edgar Allan Poe is from the point of view of an unnamed narrator as they visit their childhood friend, Roderick Usher who has recently become ill and is demonstrating increasingly odd behavior. Flanagan, as he has done with his work based on other’s stories, will most certainly deviate and add on to create a more modern approach. Continuing from this point, this fresh version will follow the ruthless Usher siblings. Together they have built Fortunato Pharmaceuticals, a massive source of wealth, power and success. As old secrets come back to haunt the family, their dynasty is under threat of a mysterious woman from their childhood.


To check out images from the upcoming Flanagan thriller mini series, click here.

And let us know if you are excited for The Fall of the House of Usher, streaming on Netflix October 12, 2023.

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